“Bright to Khancoban Via Mt Beauty” is a motorcycle ride through Victoria and New South Wales, Australia.
August 7, 2016
ride visits Bright, Mount Beauty, Tallangatta, Jingellic, Corryong, Thowgla.
  • Bright

    at 0km
  • Bright Caltex Gavan St

  • Tawonga Gap Rd

    at 6km
  • Left Turn onto Tawonga Gap Rd

  • Mount Beauty

    at 27km
  • Right Turn to Mt Beauty onto Kiewa Valley Highway

  • Mounty Beauty

    at 32km
  • Short Stop Break

  • Redbank Mongans Rd

    at 44km
  • Right Turn onto Redbank Morgans Rd

  • Tallangatta

    at 99km
  • Entering New South Wales

  • Jingellic

    at 188km
  • Entering Victoria

  • Corryong

    at 234km
  • Thowgla

    at 235km
  • Entering New South Wales

  • Khancoban

    at 255km
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