“Bar-M to Twin Falls (proposed)” is a motorcycle ride through Oregon and Idaho, United States.
mark weisenfeld
mark weisenfeld
May 20, 2019

Some back-roads along the big, fast I84 freeway.

ride visits Perry, La Grande, North Powder, Durkee, Payette, Fruitland and 9 other places.
  • Bar-M to Twin Falls

  • Perry

    at 68km
  • La Grande

    at 89km
  • North Powder

    at 124km
  • Durkee

    at 190km
  • Entering Idaho

  • Payette

    at 271km
  • Fruitland

    at 280km
  • Parma

    at 302km
  • Wilder

    at 314km
  • Homedale

    at 320km
  • Marsing

    at 336km
  • Givens Hot Springs

    at 353km
  • Murphy

    at 381km
  • Grand View

    at 432km
  • Glenns Ferry

    at 514km
  • Bliss

    at 549km
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