“Annabelle’s Crazy adventure ride through the Manning & Nowendoc River valleys” is a twisty, scenic, difficult motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
December 18, 2018
ride visits Wauchope, Byabarra, Comboyne, Killawarra, Nowendoc, Gloucester and 9 other places.
Low traffic
Good surface
Poor surface
  • Wauchope

    at 22km
  • Byabarra

    at 44km
  • Comboyne

    at 59km
  • There is approximately 19km of gravel road between Combyne & Wingham through the Killabakh Forest area/range. This is a fairly hilly section, take care & ride to conditions.

  • Killawarra

    at 108km
  • There is approximately 20-30km of sealed bitumen road from Wingham towards Mount George, this section is a very plesant & scenic ride

  • Mount George to Nowendoc

    at 137km
  • This section of road is mostly hard gravel & rock, winding through the farming areas adjacent to the Manning & Nowendoc Rivers. There is approx. 80km of gravel road in this section, care should be taken & ride to the conditions.

  • Nowendoc to Gloucester

    at 195km
  • Relief is in sight as you return to sealed bitumen roads, although there are many areas of very poor quality megga-patched bitumen surface....still very rough in areas, but followed by tollerable areas of smooth tar.

  • Thunderbolts Way, heading down to Gloucester

    at 197km
  • Gloucester

    at 272km
  • Nabiac

    at 322km
  • Failford

    at 329km
  • Rainbow Flat

    at 335km
  • Cundletown

    at 352km
  • Coopernook

    at 365km
  • Moorland

    at 370km
  • Johns River

    at 378km
  • Kew

    at 391km
  • Port Macquarie

    at 423km
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