“Annabelle’s March 2019 Ride” is a twisty, safe, scenic motorcycle ride in Queensland, Australia.
December 9, 2018

Bush, Mountains and Valley run

ride visits Brisbane, Toowoomba, Perrys Knob, Glamorgan Vale, Mount Hallen, Esk.
On Road
Good surface
  • Morgan & Wacker 8:30am

  • Thompson St, Newstead

    at 1km
  • Alilison St, Newstead onto Sandgate Rd

    at 1km
  • ICB through to Legacy Way Tunnel (Toll)

    at 2km
  • ICB entering Legacy Way through to Western Freeway

    at 3km
  • Brisbane

    at 4km
  • Western Fwy Exit Moggill Rd

    at 10km
  • Moggill Rd Kenmore, to Mt Crosby Rd

    at 14km
  • Rt turn onto Mt Crosby Road to Lake Manchester Rd

    at 22km
  • Rt turn onto Lake Manchester Rd

    at 31km
  • Lft onto Kholo Rd, caution on 40km approach to river crossing, single lane bridge

    at 40km
  • This road contains a single lane bridge across the Brisbane River, caution required through 40km/hr zone giving way to traffic, and pedestrians doing weekend fishing/swimming over summer
    - Hard right onto Warrego Hwy at North Ipswich
    - Exit Lft towards Walloon....stick to Right hand lane as you pass under overpass, turning Rt onto Haigslea-Amberley Rd

  • Rt onto Karrabin-Rosewood Rd

    at 70km
  • - Rt onto Karrabin Rosewood Road into Rosewood
    - Rt onto John St at Roundabout
    -Lft onto Waight St out of Rosewood towards Marburg
    - Continue along Rosewood-Marburg Rd
    - Rt turn to continue on Rosewood-Marburg Rd, and onto Queen St
    - Left onto Louisa St, Marburg after underpass and onto school oval

  • Perrys Knob

    at 74km
  • Marburg State School - Morning Tea Stop

    at 82km
  • Parking on oval

  • Marburg to Glamorgan Vale

    at 89km
  • - Left from Louisa St onto Marburg Rd heading north
    - Left at T-section onto Glamorgan Vale Rd into Lowood

  • Lowood Bypass

    at 97km
  • - Left onto Prospect St, Lowood onto Forest Hill Fernvale Rd

  • Rt onto Forest Hill Fernvale Rd

    at 102km
  • - Continue Rt onto Mount Tarampa Rd, and onto Coominya Connection Rd

  • Left onto Atkinsons Dam Rd to Gatton-Esk Rd

    at 109km
  • Rt onto Gatton-Esk Rd to Esk

    at 125km
  • Mount Hallen

    at 139km
  • Esk Small Bike Fuel Stop @ Caltex

    at 150km
  • (possible small bike fuel stop)
    - Rt onto Esk-Hampton Rd up range to Hampton

  • Left onto New England Hwy

    at 195km
  • Lunch Stop - The Farmer's Arms, Cabarlah

    at 205km
  • - Back onto New England Highway Sth
    - All bikes fuel stop at BP North St, Harlaxton
    - Rt onto

  • All Bikes Fuel stop, BP North St

    at 224km
  • Rt onto Bridge St & Left onto West St

    at 225km
  • Toowoomba

    at 226km
  • West St, Left onto Nelson St

    at 232km
  • Rht onto New England Hwy Sth to Boundary Rd

    at 233km
  • Lft onto Boundary Rd onto Preston Rd

    at 237km
  • Left at fork onto Rockmount Rd

    at 245km
  • Caution as approach this intersection, may contain gravel on corner after heavy rain
    - Left at T-section Continue onto Stockyard Creek Rd

  • Right onto Flagstone Creek Rd

    at 258km
  • Continue Left onto Gatton Clifton Rd

    at 273km
  • Right onto Mount Sylvia Rd

    at 275km
  • Left onto Tenthill Creek Rd & Left again to follow Rd

    at 278km
  • Right onto Ropeley Rockside Rd

    at 279km
  • Exiting left onto Manteuffel Rd

  • Right onto Woodlands Rd

    at 286km
  • Right onto Glendene Rd

    at 299km
  • Hard left onto Laidley Plainland Road

    at 300km
  • Use caution when turning left either directly from Waddinton Pde or the local access road that runs parallel to Laidley Rd.

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