“Alpine Way Thredbo Snowy Circuit” is a twisty, difficult motorcycle ride in New South Wales, Australia.
June 13, 2012
ride visits Thredbo, Khancoban, Adaminaby, Dry Plain, Middlingbank, Berridale and 3 other places.
On Road
Low traffic
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Thredbo

    at 0km
  • Start at top of Banjo Drive heading the Alpine Way

  • Dead Horse Gap

    at 4km
  • Start of the Twisty Section, be aware of leaf litter and damp sections on road. Also Kangaroos

  • Leatherbarrel Camp Grounds

    at 15km
  • Single Lane Bridge

  • Tom Groggin

    at 22km
  • A good place to stop if you have multiple riders to ensure they all made it thru ok. Police sometimes setup radar in this area and camping ground so be aware of traffic

  • Geehi

    at 41km
  • Another camping ground be aware police radar trap the straight sections & campers can be around use caution

  • Power Station Lookout

    at 66km
  • Great place for a Photo

  • Bridge Khancoban

    at 72km
  • Follow the road around, left takes you down to the water, nice picnic spot

  • Khancoban

    at 75km
  • Shell Service station on Premium Fuel available 95 was old checkpoint for Snowy Ride

  • Tooma Road turn Off

    at 77km
  • Turn right onto Tooma Road to head towards Cabramurra. Caution first section has farms and cattle. After that National Park leading down to Tooma Dam & Tumut Reservior

  • Tooma Dam

    at 107km
  • Great place to stop for a break. Next section has twisty corners, be aware of loose rocks & stones on corners. Also riders coming the other way on the wrong side of the road!

  • Tumut Reservoir

    at 131km
  • Another great place to have a break. Next section twisty and caution of loose rocks and riders on the wrong side of the road cutting corners

  • Turn off Goat Ridge road

    at 137km
  • Turn onto Goat Ridge Road to head towards Kiandra & Adaminably. Not much at Cabamurra, was originally a Snowy checkpoint but was the first point dropped

  • Follow main Road

    at 142km
  • Follow the main road onto Link around to the right for Kiandra & Adaminaby

  • Snowy Mountains Turn Off

    at 155km
  • Turn onto Snowy mountains Highway to head towards Adaminaby. Road patrolled by police and sections have some tight corners not sign posted of speed

  • Caltex Service Station

    at 190km
  • Caltex Service station Corner of Cosgrove Street & Snowy mountains Highway Premium 95

  • Adaminaby

    at 190km
  • Great place for lunch friendly people. Snowy Ride the local school has BBQ. Police patrol area and strict on speed

  • BP Service Station

    at 197km
  • BP Service Station just before Adaminaby. Premium 98 BP Ultimate corner of Lette St and Snowy Mountains Highway

  • Middlingbank road Turn Off

    at 212km
  • Turn onto Middlingbank road to head towards Berridale. Road open but police set radar traps on top on hill and hide behind trees adjacent bridges

  • Dry Plain

    at 216km
  • Middlingbank

    at 232km
  • Jindabyne Road Turn Off

    at 244km
  • Turn onto Jindabyne road to ride into Berridale. Police heavily patrol as 50kph speed limit.

  • Dalgety Turn Off

    at 244km
  • Turn onto Myack Street which becomes Dalgety Road. Road is twisty and narrow in some section with some off camber corners

  • Berridale

    at 244km
  • Berridale Pub Snowy Ride Checkpoint.
    Lots of bikes

  • Berridale

    at 252km
  • Snowy River Way Turn Off

    at 263km
  • Turn onto Snowy river Way to head to Jindabyne. A great road some narrow section to begin with but opens up. Police sometimes patrol

  • Dalgety

    at 263km
  • Dalgety Snowy Ride Checkpoint at the oval. Lots of bikes

  • Keep Right

    at 263km
  • Keep Right and follow the Snowy River Way Road

  • Dalgety

    at 269km
  • Beloka

    at 280km
  • Barry Way Turn Off

    at 292km
  • Turn onto Barry Way to head towards Jindabyne. Speed limit drops suddenly and downhill so be aware of police radar traps

  • Jinabyne Roundabout

    at 295km
  • Turn Right to Jinabyne and BP Service Station Premium 98

  • Jindabyne

    at 296km
  • Jindabyne Check Point at Tourist Centre near shops.

  • Jindabyne BP Service Station

    at 296km
  • BP Service Station Premium 98 fuel

  • Jindabyne Roundabout to Thredbo

    at 297km
  • Straight thru Roundabout to head towards Thredbo

  • Thredbo Turn Off

    at 301km
  • Turn onto Alpine Way to head towards Thredbo

  • Jindabyne

    at 304km
  • Thredbo

    at 327km
  • Turn into Friday Road to Ride into Thredbo Check point

  • Thredbo Check Point & BP Service Station Premium 95

    at 330km
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