“Alexandria, Louisiana, looping Fort Polk through So. Rapides, No. Allen, Vernon Parishes” is a motorcycle ride in Louisiana, United States.
June 10, 2009
ride visits Alexandria, Alexandria Junction, Elizabeth, Dido, Pitkin, Coopers and 3 other places.
  • Alexandria, LA

  • Alexandria Junction

    at 1km
  • South Alexandria

    at 6km
  • Make a right on Horseshoe Dr.

  • Horseshoe Dr. becomes Twin Bridges Road - things start to ge...

    at 7km
  • Horseshoe Dr. becomes Twin Bridges Road - things start to get interesting

  • Rapides Parish

    at 13km
  • about two miles or so to the forest

  • Kisatchie National Forest

    at 16km
  • Shade forest, twisty road

  • Hineston

    at 35km
  • Make a left, road gets a little worse.

  • Take a left - warning, road very bad for a few miles

    at 43km
  • Union Hill

    at 60km
  • Now, in Allen Parish, road gets considerably better, nice. Go figure.

  • Elizabeth

    at 73km
  • Make a right on Hwy 10, pretty nice road, through some foresty, some settled areas.

  • Dido

    at 83km
  • Pitkin

    at 89km
  • Slow down! No sense in getting a ticket. You're in some hilly areas, nice twisty roads

  • South of Fort Polk

    at 121km
  • Be prepared to make a hard left, and watch for cops. About a mile from this turn, we saw a cougar cross the road - yep, a panther. Straight road to Hwy 171.

  • Pickering

    at 129km
  • Make a right. Hwy 171 is the worst major highway in West Louisiana, but luckily we'll turn off son.

  • Coopers

    at 129km
  • New Llano

    at 136km
  • Leesville

    at 139km
  • Ready to hit a road that's very nice, some new four lane and some old two-lane. If you do this in the evening, the sun will be at your back. In the morning, in your face.

  • Walnut Hill

    at 159km
  • Gardner

    at 201km
  • Four lane back to start, nice road.

  • Alexandria, LA

    at 224km
  • Nice ride.

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