“Aiken Bike Tour” is a scenic, easy motorcycle ride in South Carolina, United States.
May 13, 2007
ride visits Balltown, Aiken, Six Points, Stiefeltown.
On Road
High traffic
Good surface
  • Aiken Mall, Southside of Aiken

  • This Route is for a group of bikers that just want to ride together for a bit. It won't take long, but it is a showy route, it goes by all the areas that are heavily populated with people, its a route that will show your presence to the town.

    This would be a great staging area before the start of the Bike Ride. Large open parking lots, since the mall isn't that crowded ever.

  • Heavy Traffic

    at 2km
  • Large Bike Groups will get seperated here.

  • Citizen's Park

    at 5km
  • This is a good area to regroup to keep a parade formation.

  • A bad stop sign

    at 7km
  • There isn't a lot of traffic here, but looking to the left to pull out onto S. Boundry is hard, you don't get to see that far. The reward is a view of the Cities Most Popular Road.

  • Balltown

    at 12km
  • Aiken Museum

    at 16km
  • Here's another regroup location, its smaller. Its just a pull off thats going to be on your right, but it will give you a view of some very very old homes as well as the view of the Aiken Museum.

  • Six Points

    at 18km
  • Stiefeltown

    at 25km
  • O'dell Weeks Facilities

    at 33km
  • This is a nice place to end a parade around aiken, There are BBQ facilities tennis courts, a great place to have an outing.

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