“2014 LPEVFD Domino Run IN THE WORKS NOT DONE” is a motorcycle ride in Texas, United States.
March 6, 2014
ride visits Cuney, Frankston, Brushy Creek, Cayuga, Neches.
Poor visibility
  • At the Lake Palestine East VFD Start Point

  • This is the start and end point.

  • Turn Right on to FM 855 (South)

    at 4km
  • Cuney

    at 11km
  • Turn Right onto SH 175 (West)

  • Frankston

    at 20km
  • Turn left onto SH 155 (south) (S. Pine St)

  • South of Franston

    at 23km
  • Turn right on to FM 837 (West)

  • Brushy Creek

    at 36km
  • your at the first stop

    at 41km
  • Go pick your 2nd domino. now turn right back onto FM 837

  • at this point stay straight on to FM 2961

    at 60km
  • Turn Left onto FM 59 (south)

    at 76km
  • Turn right (north)

    at 77km
  • This is your 2nd stop pick your domino. If you need gas this...

    at 78km
  • This is your 2nd stop pick your domino. If you need gas this is the place. you got maybe 60-70 to next station on route next on in Frankston.

  • Cayuga

    at 79km
  • turn right onto SH 259

  • Turn left onto 321 (East)

    at 98km
  • cross SH 155

    at 123km
  • Neches

    at 133km
  • turn left onto FM 2474

  • Frakston

    at 153km
  • turn right onto SH 155

  • Cuney

    at 163km
  • This is your 3rd stop pick you domino turn right back on SH

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