“2. Wynyard Loop” is a motorcycle ride in Tasmania, Australia.
November 27, 2021
ride visits Somerset, Cooee, Burnie, Stowport, Natone, South Riana and 5 other places.
  • The Waterfront Wynyard

  • Somerset

    at 11km
  • Cooee

    at 16km
  • Burnie

    at 19km
  • Fern Glade Road

    at 22km
  • C102 Upper Natone Rd

    at 34km
  • C115 S Riana Rd

    at 41km
  • B17 S Riana Rd

    at 48km
  • South Riana

    at 49km
  • C127

    at 61km
  • Preston Falls

    at 67km
  • C126 Preston-Costra Rd

    at 71km
  • C124 Central Castra Rd

    at 76km
  • C133 Spellmans Rd

    at 86km
  • C132

    at 91km
  • C132 Cradle Mountain Rd

    at 93km
  • C132

    at 98km
  • C136 Round Hill Coffee

    at 115km
  • Sunday 8am–4pm
    Monday 8am–4pm
    Tuesday 8am–4pm
    Wednesday Closed
    Thursday 8am–4pm
    Friday 8am–4pm
    Saturday 8am–4pm

  • Bluff Lookout

    at 154km
  • A10 Murchison Hwy

    at 171km
  • Waratah Fuel

    at 195km
  • The MUSHroom Cafe

    at 197km
  • Savage River

    at 233km
  • Hellyer (Hell Yeah!)

    at 302km
  • Photo Stop and regroup

  • Henrietta

    at 320km
  • Yolla

    at 326km
  • Table Cape Lookout

    at 349km
  • Caltex Wynyard

    at 356km
  • The Waterfront Wynyard

    at 357km
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