“LOR - TheLakes - Leytonn00bTours” is a scenic, twisty, easy motorcycle ride through Waikato and Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
June 14, 2009
ride visits Hamilton, Cambridge, Rotorua, Murupara.
On Road
Good visibility
Good surface
  • Hamilton

    at 4km
  • Cambridge

    at 23km
  • Entering Bay of Plenty

  • Rotorua

    at 114km
  • Murupara

    at 174km
  • Ass Buster. Do not stop in Murapara!. Stops are : 1st End of...

    at 432km
  • Ass Buster. Do not stop in Murapara!. Stops are : 1st End of Taotaorpa Road (Karaperio Shortcut) - Wait for bunch
    Pack togeather all the way to SH28, Then 2nd Stop at the Cafe after Fitzgerad glad for a piss
    3rd (Idle wait): After Rotorua Roundable as SH5 joins 36, Then as a group head into Rotorua BP at 400 Fenton street. Head out for SH5 all the way to SH38 turn off (On left) to Murupara
    4th Wait for Bunch is in Murupara at Kopuriki Road on the left, Keep going all the way to SH30, Stop and wait at SH30 pending Twisty Heaven through to Rotoma.
    5th stop : FOOD, Rotoma Highway Cafe (Supposed to be good according to reviews)
    - Head back towards rotorua, Past hells gage (on right) get to SH33. Turn Left down Hamurana Road. Turn Left on SH36, Keep going and on the right turn down Dalbeth Road. Keep going until SH5, Turn Right. Wait for Bunch at SH5 Cafe again (Take another piss). Keep going... past the turn off down the hill to Tauranga on the right, Keep going.. Look for the left hander to Putaruru SH 28, Keep going until you go through Putaruru, Heading for our ol fav Arapuni Road, However, Upon crossing the 2nd bridge and coming to a rest area on left hand side you would have wanted to take a left onto Pearsons Road - TWISTY HEAVEN (Breifly)- Keep going as if you were to head to Arapuni, But do not quite go there!. It is a bit hard to turn down into but you how want Horahora Road (Long Streights), This joins back onto SH1 missing out the roadworks. Take the boring route back (Your ass will be broken by now), Take SH 1B back to Hamilton, quitely die at the pub.

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