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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Auckland to Thames fostered Apr 26th New Zealand > Auckland > Auckland 146.8km Scenic
Passing through: Thames
Pat & Scott - 04/25/2015 scootermcq Apr 25th Canada > Ontario > Oshawa 185.9km Twisty, Rural, Low traffic
newcastle to mooney mooney benno Apr 25th Australia > New South Wales > Newcastle 117.2km
Buivydziai Arvis Apr 25th 53.7km
Rockland to Hudson, Corwall and back to Rockland RickVzn Apr 24th 306.2km On Road, Twisty, Easy, Intermediate, Low traffic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Rockland, Vankleek Hill
Ole Gillian Mill wpbowlingtech Apr 24th United States > North Carolina > Garner 91.9km
Passing through: Team Power Sports, Ole Gillian Mill
Rotorua to Rotorua madams75 Apr 22nd 513.6km
hager trip 1 mcride Apr 21st 373.3km
Humble to Thirsty Parrot DougL Apr 21st United States > Texas > Humble 318.2km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Intermediate, Rural, Good surface
Passing through: Kingwood, Porter, The Thirsty Parrot, Hempstead, Navasota, Anderson, Spring, Humble
Canberra to Delegate protagoras Apr 21st Australia > Australian Capital Territory > Canberra 221.3km
Passing through: Michelago, Cooma, Bombala, Delegate
Porkchops via 945 and 946 DougL Apr 20th United States > Texas > Humble 260.9km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Easy, Rural, Good surface
Passing through: Atascacita, Humble, Splendora, Cleveland, Love's Travel Stop, Oakhurst, TX, Point Blank, Coldspring, Shepherd, Plum Grove, New Caney, Huffman
Evans Head Run armo Apr 20th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 248.4km
S. Austin to Willow City Loop, Fredericksburg, Blanco, Wimberly texmostrogal Apr 20th United States > Texas > Austin 335.1km On Road
langley to chilliwack day ride t-bird commander Apr 20th Canada > British Columbia > Langley 144.4km On Road, Twisty, Smooth, Low traffic, Good visibility, Good surface
Passing through: langley to chilliwack
sb to alaska jimberaldo Apr 20th United States > California > Santa Barbara 0km On Road, Offroad, Scenic, Twisty, Intermediate, Rural, Good surface
Passing through: santa barbara, ca
Beavers adventure Whitworthsocket Apr 19th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 242.7km On Road, Twisty, Easy, Rural, Safe, Urban, Good surface
Passing through: TT-71, TT-98, TT-210, TT-231, TT-261, TT-262, TT-263, TT-264, TT-265, TT-266, TT-267, TT-268, TT-269, TT-270, TT-271, TT-272, TT-273, TT-274, TT-275, TT-276, TT-277, TT-278, TT-279, TT-280, TT-281, TT-282, TT-283, TT-284, TT-285, TT-286, TT-287, TT-288, TT-289, TT-290, TT-291, TT-292, TT-293, TT-294, TT-295, TT-296, TT-297, TT-298, TT-299, TT-300, TT-301, TT-302, TT-303, TT-304, TT-305, TT-306, TT-307, TT-308, TT-309, TT-310, TT-311, TT-312, TT-313, TT-314, TT-315, TT-316, TT-317, TT-318, TT-319, TT-320, TT-321, TT-322, TT-323, TT-324, TT-325, TT-326, TT-327, TT-328, TT-329, TT-330, TT-331, TT-332, TT-333, TT-334, TT-335, TT-336, TT-337, TT-338, TT-339, TT-340, TT-341, TT-342, TT-343, TT-344, TT-345, TT-346, TT-347, TT-348, TT-349, TT-350, TT-351, TT-352, TT-353, TT-354, TT-355, TT-356, TT-357, TT-358, TT-359, TT-360, TT-361, TT-362, TT-363, TT-364, TT-365, TT-366, TT-367, TT-368, TT-369, TT-370, TT-371, TT-372, TT-373, TT-374, TT-375, TT-376, TT-377, TT-378, TT-379, TT-380, TT-381, TT-382, TT-383, TT-384, TT...
Sunday Morning Sesh Beemer Apr 17th 50.9km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Good surface
Gympie-Kilcoy-Mt Glorius-Mt Mee-Maleny-Gympie enigmaau Apr 16th Australia > Queensland > Gympie 442.5km
Passing through: Kilcoy, Dayboro, Mt Mee
Clunes-Kyogle-Burringbar Loop jimr Apr 16th Australia > New South Wales > Lismore 216.2km Scenic, Twisty, Rough, Intermediate, Rural, Poor visibility, High-enforcement, Poor surface, Good surface
Passing through: Bexhill, Lismore, South Lismore, Kyogle, Cawongla, Uki, Stokers Siding, Burringbar, Mullumbimby, Goonengerry, Federal, Eureka, Clunes
R4D 2015 Rixter Apr 16th Canada > Ontario > Oakville 121.5km On Road, Scenic, Twisty, Smooth, Rural, Safe, Urban, Good surface
Passing through: Oakville
raymond terrace nabiac loop terra Apr 15th 301.8km
Winchester, VA circle route back to Winchester rabieshot Apr 15th United States > Virginia > Winchester 411.4km On Road, Scenic, Smooth, Intermediate, Low traffic, Good visibility, Good surface
Passing through: Petersburg, Harrisonburg, Baker, Strasburg, Winchester
Allentown to Savannah doone Apr 15th United States > Pennsylvania > Allentown 547km DuffG Apr 14th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 151.8km On Road, Rural, Safe
Card stop 4 2015 Rixter Apr 14th Canada > Ontario > Oakville 27.2km
Passing through: Oakville,On.
Ozarks trip boozert2 Apr 14th United States > Alabama > Athens 711.6km
Hamilton to Auckland madams75 Apr 14th 174.4km
Taupo to Hamilton madams75 Apr 14th 286.3km
Gisborne to Taupo madams75 Apr 14th 326.2km
Whakatane to Gisborne madams75 Apr 14th 370.7km

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